Carpet Cleaning

As a common rule, carpet cleaning by a specialized, specialized firm should happen at least once per year.  For very heavy traffic areas, cleaning may be necessary more often.  Appropriate, specialized cleaning will not leave a sticky filtrate behind and can be completed as lots of times per year as required.  Many mark resist warranties need a specialized carpet steam cleaning every two years.  Professional cleaning eliminates the damaging soil in traffic areas that vacuuming has not been capable to remove.

Upholstery Cleaning

We know how imperative your upholstery is to you, and we take our time making sure the proper cleaning methods are always used. Our technician pre-inspects each piece of your upholstery to make sure no damage takes place for the duration of the cleaning process. In majority of cases upholstery is made up of dissimilar type of fibers that need the skill of our skilled cleaning technicians.

Water Damage

Have you ever walked into your residence and realized you have water damage in your residence? Water damage comes with almost every kind of disaster. Floods, manure backup and even residence fires mean water in your home where it shouldn’t be. More usually, a out of order pipe or cracked washing machine pipe can obliterate a room in just hours.

When water attacks your space, A1 Cleaning and Restoration has you covered. We offer inclusive flood damage restoration for home in Huntington Beach, CA.

Mold Remediation


Any residence or business can promptly become contaminated with mold with the opening of a water source, like a plumbing leak. Mold can broaden all the way through a property in as little as 50-70 hours, and can create allergens and nuisances that have the possible to cause other health effects.

If you think that your residence or business has a mold trouble, A1 Cleaning and Restoration Professionals can check and review your belongings. If mold is found, they have the preparation, tools, and skill to handle the circumstances.

Rug Cleaning

Your rug will go through an inclusive check before your rug spa healing begins. We’ll make notes of anything that might need special concerned. We’ll picture document all areas of concern and for insurance businesses, we can give a clear outline of what is required to bring back the rug to its’ original state.

Tile & Grout Cleaning


Cleaning tile floors by hand is difficult task. It’s confused, painful—and not possible to get the hygienic results that come with specialized tile and grout cleaning. That’s why grout, which is a permeable material, collects dust, grime and spills, frequently discoloring the surface. Standard mopping and stain cleaning don’t reach the out of sight dirt that lies deep inside the pores of your grout lines. Our technician tile and grout cleaning service brings back the shine to your floors.

Mattress Cleaning


With years of skill cleaning mattresses we have learned there is no bed that doesn’t hold allergens and dirt mites. And, while dust mites are ordinary in all upholstery and domestic furniture, an old mattress effortlessly holds an excess of hypersensitivity causing dust, dander, and mites when compared to the standard couch or sofa.

Commercial Carpet


Our specialized use their skills and skill to provide quality services for every work. Modified schedules and usual safeguarding that suit your business takes the stress out of distressing about the small information. By maintaining a hygienic, fit environment for you, your workers and your customers,